You might have been hurt at a point in your life,what are you trying to forget abortion?abandonment?betrayal?abuse?… IF YOU don’t learn to forget,u will be keeping the pain alive…

Here are some steps you can take;

1)   Refuse to live like a victim: When you decide to stop looking for sympathy and start looking for solutions,u will begin to get better,God open doors and when he does you have got to walk through them and accept responsibility for your future.

2) Isolate the problem: Everyone is not the same learn not to let what one or two people did to you infect every other relationship in your life,if you can do these you would stop the past of rubbing you of your future.

3)  Learn to forgive and forget: You can not live with the dead things of your past clinging to you,you need to cut the cord that joins you and them,nothing is heavier than bitterness,it will drag u down;it will destroy your relationships;it will destroy your health and shorten your life span.It not easy but its possible,you can choose to forget.You ‘ll do a lot of growing up between what’s easy and what’s possible.

4) Gather courage: Once you take the first step of courage you have already began to rise above your past,do not wait until you feel like climbing,you’ll never begin,use your will not emotions.Feelings should follow not lead,it takes a small amount of courage to start but a big dose to keep going,so do not quit.