There are different types of parental abuse but the one i want to speak off is abuse by some fathers.I really cannot fathom why a man will be sexually attracted to his own child. It really hurts when i hear such stories. Can someone please tell me,why a father would have two beautiful daughters btw 3-5 and sexually molest them at that age even at any age it is totally unacceptable, shameful, criminal, and disgraceful. The worst part is in some countries especially african countries,the mother will be aware but because of so called stigma and shame she keeps quiet, pretends and allows this to go on. I know someone who was in a similar situation and right now as an adult she has grown up with so much hate,resentment,low self-esteem,lack of confidence, it really terrible.She doesnt make friends or want to go into a relationship,its affects her even mentally, i tried reaching out to her she snaps, draws back it just so sad. Please mothers know that any man who tries to or molest his child is not worthy been a father, and should not be hidden but taken far away from that child and made to pay for his acts, protect your kids at all cost, and help save them from such pain and torture