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Morning Prayers

Our father, we awake another day to see YOUR sun because it is YOUR will. We breathe, eat and drink to live because it is YOUR will. And when we have fulfilled our purpose on earth, our bodies shall return to the dust, by YOUR will. But before my time comes, I shall use our gift of freewill and dedicate a portion of my life to prayer. Now for all who will accept it, I pray for a change in their life. That they might choose YOU and gift back to YOU, freewill. For we are only truly free, with YOU.


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      Failure is like a bitter capsule, it can be catastrophic, yet the toxins of failure can help develop resistance against future failures. To fail is not pleasant but it is also an opportunity to do better,

      People often fail to realize that failure is an EVENT, an EVENT comes and goes, what you now do with the EVENT determines whether failure is a PASSER-BY, or FINALATY. Failure can either be an intimidator or a motivator it’s all about your attitude, your attitude will determine whether you will rise up or not. Failure can come in different ways.

Failure in relationships

Failure in ministry

Failure in getting a job

Failure in your career

Failure in examinations   etc..

Your attitude to your situation, people around you, yourself and God will go a long way to determine your recovery.

   Maybe you have been disappointed in the area of marriage and you feel like your whole world is crumbling, whatever may be the person’s excuse for disappointing you it is never the end of the road, its only a BEND and BENDS naturally slow your speed down, after the bend you can always pick up. YOU will pick up.

   In whatever area you experienced failure always know that :-

Failure is not new

Most successful people have failed before but they did not resign to fate

Even though you fail again you should keep on trying, if not you will fail forever

Evaluate and know what causes your failure so that you do not fall into it again.

    Have a positive attitude and believe in yourself that you can make it and you will make it.

                             Rage is feeling of intense anger , a negative reaction fed by external cue.Rage makes you do things that may normally seem physically impossible, rage brings out high adrenaline levels in the body , this increase in adrenaline output  raises physical strength and endurance level in such a person.

      A person in rage may lose the capacity  to think and reason rationally,which may lead to violent acts of behavior. According  to research if feelings of rage occur  on a frequent basis some health complications may occur; which includes cardiac stress and hypertension. The person will also have lots of feelings of depression,

                      Few Tips To Help Calm Rage

1) Try and stay away as far as possible from people

2) Try sitting down relax and take deep breaths

3)   Drink some water to cool down, in like three gulps

4) You can lay down on your stomach and try to let yourself go

5) Take a shower either hot or cold depending on your preference

6) Let your anger out on a pillow

7) Go for a walk or run

8) If none work you might just let it out by screaming 

Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force, or coercion to affect others. There are different types of bullying.

1) Verbal bullying example: taunting, name calling

2) Social bullying example: embarrassing someone in public,spreading rumors about someone

3) Physical bullying example: hitting, pushing, taking or breaking someone things.

Bullying happens anywhere in cities, suburbs, rural towns etc.

Warning signs of bullying; in a child

(1) Unexplained injuries

(2) Decreased self-esteem

(3) Declining grades

(4) Difficulty in sleeping

(5) Self destructive behavior

Some ways to address bullying in your child

1) Help your child avoid situations that expose him or her to bullying

2) Encourage your child to speak out to you, a teacher, or another adult early enough when they are having problems.

3) Help the school authorities and your child’s teacher to stop bullying

4) Find out about the school polices on bullying

5) Ask the school to initiate peer meditation programs to train student and staff in non-violent conflict resolution

6) Have discussions with your child before you take any action so as not to damage your relationship with your child

Additional notes
Daniel F Perkins Ph. D
Elaine Barrena M .Ed


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