Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force, or coercion to affect others. There are different types of bullying.

1) Verbal bullying example: taunting, name calling

2) Social bullying example: embarrassing someone in public,spreading rumors about someone

3) Physical bullying example: hitting, pushing, taking or breaking someone things.

Bullying happens anywhere in cities, suburbs, rural towns etc.

Warning signs of bullying; in a child

(1) Unexplained injuries

(2) Decreased self-esteem

(3) Declining grades

(4) Difficulty in sleeping

(5) Self destructive behavior

Some ways to address bullying in your child

1) Help your child avoid situations that expose him or her to bullying

2) Encourage your child to speak out to you, a teacher, or another adult early enough when they are having problems.

3) Help the school authorities and your child’s teacher to stop bullying

4) Find out about the school polices on bullying

5) Ask the school to initiate peer meditation programs to train student and staff in non-violent conflict resolution

6) Have discussions with your child before you take any action so as not to damage your relationship with your child

Additional notes
Daniel F Perkins Ph. D
Elaine Barrena M .Ed