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Where success is conceived,people are not measured in inches, pounds, college degress, or family background; they are mearsured by the size of their thinking.
-David Schwartz
your mentality is what you set your mind to think,accept and apply.It dictates your characters and habits.
Success is a mentality and that is why,anywhere you go,it goes with you.
Most people with a success mentality think alike,some of the ways they think are:
*They donot let conditions dampen their spirit.
*They turn barriers to carriers.
*They donot easily give up when discouraged.
*If others can make it, i will make it.
*If others cant make it i will set a record and make it.
*They turn adversity to advantage for advancement.
*Their slogan is ‘I AM UNSTOPPABLE’.
Let the mentality be in you and you will make it wherever you go.

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