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                             Rage is feeling of intense anger , a negative reaction fed by external cue.Rage makes you do things that may normally seem physically impossible, rage brings out high adrenaline levels in the body , this increase in adrenaline output  raises physical strength and endurance level in such a person.

      A person in rage may lose the capacity  to think and reason rationally,which may lead to violent acts of behavior. According  to research if feelings of rage occur  on a frequent basis some health complications may occur; which includes cardiac stress and hypertension. The person will also have lots of feelings of depression,

                      Few Tips To Help Calm Rage

1) Try and stay away as far as possible from people

2) Try sitting down relax and take deep breaths

3)   Drink some water to cool down, in like three gulps

4) You can lay down on your stomach and try to let yourself go

5) Take a shower either hot or cold depending on your preference

6) Let your anger out on a pillow

7) Go for a walk or run

8) If none work you might just let it out by screaming 


It’s how you think that produces how you feel.For you to experience a feeling you must have thoughts that will produce the feeling.Try been unhappy witout first having unhappy thoughts…can you do it NO.
So wat can be done?you need to change how you think then you can change how you feel!Nothing makes negative feelings stick other than your thinking.Take note when you feel sad or angry…your thinking would be negative.
Changing this negative thinking takes time because it didn’t start overnight and dont expect it to change positively overnight.You can start by treating your negative thoughts as ‘faeces on your clean floor’ you would definately want to get rid of that! then replacing them with thoughts of “high quality or high praise”.

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