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Where success is conceived,people are not measured in inches, pounds, college degress, or family background; they are mearsured by the size of their thinking.
-David Schwartz
your mentality is what you set your mind to think,accept and apply.It dictates your characters and habits.
Success is a mentality and that is why,anywhere you go,it goes with you.
Most people with a success mentality think alike,some of the ways they think are:
*They donot let conditions dampen their spirit.
*They turn barriers to carriers.
*They donot easily give up when discouraged.
*If others can make it, i will make it.
*If others cant make it i will set a record and make it.
*They turn adversity to advantage for advancement.
*Their slogan is ‘I AM UNSTOPPABLE’.
Let the mentality be in you and you will make it wherever you go.


No matter how long the night will take the day will come and the sun will surely rise up. For one to be sucessful is not gotten by miracles,it takes a man with a misson ready to challange destiny. No matter how difficult the situation is always treat it in a positive way,look at your frustrations as a positive thing.It is the frustration that drives you improve. Everyday holds a mystery of uncertainty,learn to love and be positive about this awaited mystery.

People will always throw stones in your sucessful path,it now depends on what u make it a wall or a bridge. Believe that no one else is better in what you do untill proven wrong.You will see that nobody can prove you wrong. FOR YOU TO BE THE BEST IN WHAT YOU DO,YOU HAVE GOT TO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE BEST IN WHAT YOU DO.

God may dwell far from us but prayer brings him down to our earth and links his power with our efforts,as long as you are sincere in your activities you are worthy of God’s grace.
You will never be helpless or sorry in any circumstance,never think that God’s delays are denials.True prayer always receives what it asks or something much better.
So learn to utilize this “master key” it works for me am sure it will work for you too.

It’s how you think that produces how you feel.For you to experience a feeling you must have thoughts that will produce the feeling.Try been unhappy witout first having unhappy thoughts…can you do it NO.
So wat can be done?you need to change how you think then you can change how you feel!Nothing makes negative feelings stick other than your thinking.Take note when you feel sad or angry…your thinking would be negative.
Changing this negative thinking takes time because it didn’t start overnight and dont expect it to change positively overnight.You can start by treating your negative thoughts as ‘faeces on your clean floor’ you would definately want to get rid of that! then replacing them with thoughts of “high quality or high praise”.

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